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 Mentoring CLUB #46


“In a Michigan Royal Family KIDS Mentoring Club, a little boy named Caleb asked his mentor, Dick, to go with him to his sports team awards banquet because no one else in his life had the time or interest to go. When his friends pointed at Dick and asked, ‘who is that?’ Caleb said simply, ‘He’s my brother.’ Despite their obvious 40 year age difference and racial disparity, hearing this, his mentor smiled proudly.   


For too many children, foster care is a lonely experience. Many bounce from one placement to the next or live in group homes and institutions. The result? Thousands of foster children ‘graduate’ to the streets or to prison before they are out of their teens.


Children who have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment often do not have even one positive role model in their life.  Royal Family KIDS is changing this. Here’s how:


  • At Royal Family KIDS Mentoring Club, abused children are surrounded with positive role models on a consistent basis.

  • Mentoring Clubs provide foster children with a fun environment where they can feel safe.

  • Children learn that they can count on their mentors to be a caring presence in their lives.

  • Mentoring Clubs offer children of abuse and neglect a place of belonging.


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For more information on the Mentoring Club program please contact:
Scott Richardson
Pay it Forward/Des Moines
Mentoring Director


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